What is Pop-Kultur?

Pop-Kultur is a hyphen between the perspectives of artists and the society they engage with. Launched in 2015, the festival returns this year with live shows and the premieres of 15 commissioned works. The Çaystube will offer a meeting point aiming to facilitate exchange in person, a safer space with its own stage.
Besides the
 Nachwuchs programme, the Goethe Talents programme and residency programmes, the programme also includes talks, readings and films. Just as pop culture couldn’t develop without discourse, Pop-Kultur as a festival wouldn’t be able to progress without it, either. The festival sees itself as a process in which the audience and artists participate alongside the team: Collective approaches, post-migrant identities, intersectional discourse, inclusive projects, diasporic narratives, queer perspectives and the breakaway from musical expectations all contribute to creating a space for mutual exchange.

Just as the accessible and pandemic-resistant approach aims to provide access and participation for everyone, other cultural creators from the city and beyond are invited to join in: Leading up to each edition of the festival, Berlin-based organisers offer  inspiration within the Pop-Kultur lokal series.