Pop-Kultur is a place for everyone!
We encourage and support the meeting of many cultural identities at Pop-Kultur and aim to include everyone in what we offer.
The support of cultural participation of people with disabilities is of particular importance to us.
Through our awareness team of experts in their respective fields and an accessible infrastructure, we want to ensure that our guests experience the festival grounds as a sensitive and safe environment.

Discrimination of any kind of will not be tolerated.
We believe that the definition of a border violation lies with the person whose border has been violated.
With this in mind, Pop-Kultur is committed to representing the interests of all guests.

Our awareness team can be reached during the festival:
+49 1573 879 5555 (also via WhatsApp)

Here you will find further information, including an overview of services concerning accessibility at Pop-Kultur.
We look forward to your visit and are always open to feedback.

Arrival to the Kulturbrauerei is accessible via the BVG public transport network:

  • The underground stop »U Eberswalder Str./Pappelallee« has a lift
  • All tram lines to the stop »Eberswalder Str.« are accessible

Guests with walking and visual impairments can use the VBB accompaniment service:

The Kulturbrauerei has a multi-storey car park with wheelchair-accessible parking spaces and a lift.

Tickets and further information can be found at our ticketing site (»Inklusionsticket«):

Holders of a disability card are welcome to bring an accompanying person free of charge.

Holders of a »berlinpass« receive a 50% discount.

Inhaber:innen des „BerlinPass“ erhalten 50% Ermässigung. In addition, the regulations for accompanying persons for guests with disabilities are applicable.

Our mobile awareness team is available before and during the festival for guests with individual needs at the »Meeting Point« or:
+49 1573 879 5555 (auch WhatsApp)

Our Awareness Team is made up of experts in various respective fields.

All festival venues are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs, with the exception of the Gewölbekeller, which is not accessible for people in wheelchairs.

There are seven wheelchair-accessible toilets and several gender-neutral and female-only toilets on the premises.

In addition, a flooring system provides mobility on the cobblestone ground.

Pop-Kultur barrierefreies Bodensystem

What is Pop-Kultur?

Pop-Kultur is an international festival.
International means that artists from many different countries will take part.

In 2022, the festival is taking place for the 8th time. It takes place in Berlin, Germany, at a location called the Kulturbrauerei.

The festival is made by a company called Musicboard Berlin.
This year, it takes place from the 24th to the 26th of August.

Pop-Kultur has 3 parts:

  1. Concerts
  2. Commissioned Works
  3. Nachwuchs, Netzwerk and Lokal

What does that mean?

What does that mean?
Musicians get together to make a concert.
They are a band.
They play music together on stage.
The music is live.
It is not a recording.

Commissioned Works
A commissioned work can be a concert.
An exhibition.
An installation. In other words, a work of art in a certain place.
A conversation.
Or a film.
It means that the work is made especially for the festival.
The makers try out something new together.
They can decide freely.
They don’t have to think about costs.
Or about whether the art can be sold.
This is how exciting new works of art are created for Pop-Kultur.
There you can also hear and experience them for the first time.
That’s called a world premiere.

Nachwuchs, Netzwerk and Lokal

Nachwuchs is a German word that means “young talent”.
It’s about music by young musicians.
They can take part in training courses.
They can learn something new.
They can meet people from the business world.
[Business is everything people do with money.]
Or politicians and policy makers.
Or people who work as professionals in the field of music.

Netzwerk is the German word for “network”.
It’s about different musicians working together.
They can meet and share ideas.
Not only musicians from Berlin.
Musicians from the rest of Germany, too.
And from many other different countries in the world.

And Lokal is the German word for “local”.
It’s about music from Berlin.
Pop-Kultur lokal supports music projects in Berlin.
They are exciting music events.
They have a new and exciting take on music.
A jury decides, which projects get funding?
Funding means they get money for the costs of the event.
And, which of the projects can be part of the Pop-Kultur festival?

Who can take part in Pop-Kultur?

Everyone can take part in Pop-Kultur:

  • The team of festival-makers
  • Artists
  • The audience

They can share their thoughts and ideas.
Ideas on different topics.
Thoughts about living and working together.
Thoughts about music.
And thoughts about the future.
That’s what we want to share.


Pop-Kultur is a place for everyone!
We hope that:
Many different people will meet at Pop-Kultur.
Nobody will be excluded.
All people will feel safe at Pop-Kultur.
There should be as few barriers as possible.
We want to be accessible.

For example:

  • It’s easy to reach the site in a wheelchair.
  • Conversations are translated into German Sign Language.
  • Videos have subtitles.
  • Videos have audio descriptions.
    Someone describes for blind people:
    What can be seen?
  • There is information in easy language.

At Pop-Kultur, it’s important to us:
We do not tolerate discrimination!
That means for us:
No one may be discriminated against.
No one may be insulted.
No one may be hurt.

We care about the rights of our guests.

Where does the festival take place?

How do I get to the Pop-Kultur festival?
Where can I park?
Can I get there in a wheelchair?
Can I bring an accompanying person?
This information is available on our website:

The inclusive service team

We have an inclusive service team.
You can ask questions.
On the topic of accessibility.
And about awareness.
You can send questions to this email

A selection of our programme is accompanied by German Sign Language interpreters:
More information about the 2022 Programm soon online.

Our awareness team offers a pick-up service from the U-Bahn Eberswalder Str. stop or the tram stop Eberswalder Str. We are also happy to pick you up from the taxi/driving service (e.g. Knaackstr. 98).

A simple signage system helps with orientation on site.

Assistance dogs are welcome.

A charging station for e-wheelchairs can be found at the »Meeting Point.«

Mobility-impaired parents with children can use our catering delivery service.
Please contact the »Meeting Point.«

Cooperation between people with and without disabilities is not only a matter of course at Pop-Kultur – it’s a mark of quality for our inclusive festival approach. Never before have we had so many people with disabilities on and off stage as this year.

We are very pleased about that.

Here is an overview of the programme slots with participation of artists with disabilities:

Thursday, 26.8.2021, 17:20 – 18:00, Frannz Club
»Künstlerische Produktionsprozesse eines Musikvideos zwischen Gehörlosen und Hörenden« (De)

Saturday, 28.8.2021, 19:00 – 19:40, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 6)
»Tremolo – Ein Film über Musik für Gehörlose und Hörende« (De)

Saturday, 28.8.2021, 20:30 – 21:30, Frannz Club
»Perspektivenwechsel durch Kunst und Musik: Was bedeutet Erfolg für dich?« (De)

Please contact us with requests, questions, and suggestions at and +49 1573 879 5555 (also via WhatsApp).