Pop-Kultur Lokal

Berlin has a rich history of bringing things to life by making the best of what’s around, even under the most adverse circumstances. Without the various people organising concerts, club nights, interdisciplinary formats and discursive events, the sound of the city would be little more than static.

Starting in 2018, as part of the Pop-Kultur lokal programme, Anton Teichmann, Dominique Schweizer and Michael Aniser have presented events selected by an independent jury, open to the public and with free admission. This continues in 2022: Through the 31st of March organisers could apply with their projects and four event concepts have been selected – starting with Ecoutes au Vert on the 25th of May!

In 2021 ROHPULS, Musikií Festivalas, Endlich, Mordorkore and La By’le Festa have expanded the programme and shown the innovative spirit of local organisers.

Supported by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe of the State of Berlin with funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in the programme »Stärkung des Innovationspotentials in der Kultur II (INP II).

2022 Programme
25.05 »Ecoutes au Vert«, Loophole
18.06 »Intersection Sounds«, ACUD
08.07 Un:seen, Remise
13.08 ROHPULS, KvU Kirche von Unten