19.08.2023 / 10.00 - 17:00 & 20.08.2023 / 10.00 - 17:00 (Performance: 18:00)
Free entry!

Pop-Kultur lokal 2023 #4: »Night on Stage«

Language can sometimes limit us in the way we wish to express our thoughts and feelings.
The stage has always been a place where other translations can be shown.

In a weekend workshop in August, the musician and transmedia artist and transmedia artist Rosa Anschütz and the artist Lilo Kiefer would like to find performative ways for you to express yourself.

In the rooms of the Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, you will have the opportunity to work in a group of 15-18 year olds on a performance of your own, which will be part of the performance, which will be performed as part of the programme of the Pop-Kultur/lokal Festival on Sunday 20.08.

You don’t need any previous experience. The performance can, but does not have to be musical. Voice, body and objects in the space can be used. We work analogue.

There will be a short introduction, then you will work out your ideas alone or in a group. You will always be supported by us.

We want to create a non-discriminatory space in which everyone feels comfortable and can develop freely. All people, regardless of origin, gender identity, appearance, disability, social background are invited to join us, disability, social background are invited to register. The venue is barrier-free accessible. If you need further information or support, please write us an email.

Register now at: nightonstage@posteo.de (only 15 places available)