PK Lokal 2021 #3 - Endlich!
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Pop-Kultur lokal 2021 #3: »Endlich«

Endlich is a free open air micro festival showcasing music, sound experiments and time based art from Berlin-based artists. The music program will focus on the work of the labels at the helm of the event – Failed Units and oqko – as well as select guests. Running in parallel to the music program will be an art exhibition showcasing the work from visual artists who have worked with the labels in the past.
The Plattenvereinigung is a cultural venue situated directly at the skatepark on Tempelhof airport. The ground floor of the venue hosts the DJ booth and bar with an open air, barrier free dancefloor. The art installations will be placed around the venue, barrier free and accessible as well.

Plattenvereinigung, Tempelhofer Feld.

PK Lokal 2021 #3 - Endlich!