Rohpuls Pop-Kultur Lokal 2021 Plakat
24.07.2021 / 16.00 - 21.00

Pop-Kultur lokal 2021 #1: »ROHPULS«

ROHPULS is an event intended to be a celebration of what Berlin’s experimental, punk, industrial and noise scenes have to offer. Not able to perform live in front of their audiences during the lockdown, a lot of artists have been committed to creating a vast array of new material. Hopefully this summer outdoor shows will give everyone a chance to experience live music again and see the shows of their local favourites. Planned for one a Saturday afternoon in July, it will be an all-day showcase with Wilted Woman, Omen, Urin, Das Das, Kryptkeeper and Persephone. The outdoors location of a project house in Kreuzberg fighting the gentrification of the area is very familiar to a lot of Berlin musicians who rehearse there, and hopefully the event will act as an interesting opportunity to encourage musical interchange.

Backyard of Reichenbergerstr. 114
10999 Berlin

Rohpuls Pop-Kultur Lokal 2021 Plakat