Voodoo Beach (Foto: Katja Strempel), Die Wilde Jagd (Foto: Richard Hancock)
Thursday, 31.8.2023
20:00 – 20:40 / 21:20 – 22:00 / 22:40 – 23:20, RambaZamba Theater
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Voodoo Beach & Die Wilde Jagd: »KASKADEN«

When Die Wilde Jagd and Voodoo Beach first met in person at a festival in the summer of 2022, by the end of the night, the idea of sharing a stage was born. The captivating magic of that moment marked the beginning of a new connection: the desire not only to make music together, but to become part of a unique aura of joint performance – to find oneself in the other and to let the music develop a mind of its own, writhing and pulsating like a living being.

This principle of »musical contagion« – the urge to actively participate in the energy of a musical event – is an important motif in their collaborative Commissioned Work. The two bands strive to explore the possibilities of playing together in a setting that leaves room for improvisation while also being guided visually and musically by set parameters. Their commonalities, such as German-language narratives and a psychedelic sonic aesthetic, are to be worked out and further developed together. But their differences also play a role: loudness here, soft tones there. Raw, visceral force on the one hand, atmospheric silence and electronic abstraction on the other. Each individual part forms itself, tone by tone, into a new, as yet unknown life form.

Voodoo Beach (Foto: Katja Strempel), Die Wilde Jagd (Foto: Richard Hancock)