Pop-Kultur lokal 2022 #1: Ecoutes au Vert
25.05.2022 / 19.00
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Pop-Kultur lokal 2022 #1: »Ecoutes au Vert«

Ecoutes au Vert is a concert series taking place in indoor and outdoor locations and has been going on in Berlin (and in Geneva) for several years, presenting talented up-and-coming artists of various genres: Pop, Neukölln underground scene, outernational, cosmic disco, wave, electronic, alternative rock, African and jazz-funk. Ecoutes au Vert interprets the term “multicultural” in a modern and cosmopolitan way as representing the meeting point of manifold cultures, Western, none-Western and fusion alike. It is therefore a focus of Ecoutes au Vert to create events where everyone is welcomed to experience and immerse themselves in other cultures and their interesting fusions. Many of the artists we present are on the verge of becoming better-known artists to a larger audience. It is our goal to bring their beautiful music to as many people as possible, while helping them further develop their careers.

Boddinstraße 60, 12053 Berlin

Pop-Kultur lokal 2022 #1: Ecoutes au Vert