Banoffee, Rasha Nahas, Lior Neumeister
Wednesday, 30.8.2023
22:20 – 23:20, Haus für Poesie
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Note to Self – Artist Talk with Banoffee & Rasha Nahas moderated by Lior Neumeister (En)

Banoffee, Rasha Nahas, host: Lior Neumeister

Social media plays a huge role for queer artists – for self-promotion, to connect with the community and to publicly raise the issues that are important to them. But at the same time, social media can be an ugly environment full of shitstorms and insults. And, thanks to the constant success stories of beautiful people, it is not particularly good for mental health. So how can artists use social media wisely? And how do queer musicians look at the pop industry in general? Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Banoffee, who represents the new generation of exciting pop, and the Palestinian musician Rasha Nahas, who writes disarmingly open-hearted and vulnerable lyrics in her songs, will discuss these issues. The talk will be hosted by Lior Neumeister aka Mama Lior, who makes feminist TikTok videos for Missy Magazine as a content creator, DJs in the crew Femme Bass Mafia (FBM) and focuses her creative work on exposing structural racism and sexism within club culture.

Banoffee, Rasha Nahas, Lior Neumeister