Nikita Netrebko (Foto: Sasha Sinica)
Wednesday, 30.8.2023 / Thursday, 31.8.2023 / Friday, 1.9.2023
19:00 – 00:00 / 17:00 – 00:00 / 17:00 – 00:00, Kulturbrauerei Hof
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Nikita Netrebko & Serhiy Yatsenko: »Kyiv Black Box«

Despite security concerns, Kyiv’s night club Closer remains open to the public. Due to Russian attacks, electricity cuts are the order of the day. What does the club scene look like in times of an ongoing war? Nikita Netrebko and Serhiy Yatsenko’s shipping container project takes festival-goers into a simulation of this situation: Inside the club, where people are moving in the dark – talking, singing, dancing. Then another electricity cut. The lights go off. With darkness comes silence. Then again, a sound.

Nikita Netrebko is the founder of Kyiv-based event series and record label Worn Pop. Serhiy Yatsenko is the co-founder of Closer. Both have been curating festivals and club nights at the club for many years. With their Commissioned Work at Pop-Kultur, they offer a little insight into their current reality as festival makers and club owners and show how art and music matter beyond global events.

Nikita Netrebko (Foto: Sasha Sinica)