Adina Hermann, Dennis Sonne, Rebecca Maskos, Sookee
Friday, 26.8.2022
19:00 – 20:00, Haus für Poesie
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»Nicht deine Inspiration« (De)

Adina Hermann, Dennis Sonne, Rebecca Maskos, Sookee (host)

»You’re so inspiring.« »You’re a leader!« »It’s so cool how you’ve succeeded, despite your disability.« These are the kinds of phrases heard over and over, especially by people with visible disabilities. The term »inspiration exploitation« has been circulating in social media for some time, but many people are still unfamiliar with it. Still, many people without disabilities engage in this form of discrimination without being aware of it. So what is inspiration exploitation actually? In short, it is the objectification of people with disabilities through exaggerated admiration for the benefit of everyone else. It is an ableist view towards people with disabilities, whose disadvantages are seen as a source of inspiration in contrast to their own privileges. This is a form of dehumanisation, even if not done consciously or intentionally. In particular, people with disabilities who attract public attention through their work are affected by this phenomenon of discriminatory recognition. With the talk »Nicht deine Inspiration« (»Not Your Inspiration!«), we would like to explore the issue of inspiration exploitation experienced by people with disabilities and what we can do to counteract it.

Adina Hermann, Dennis Sonne, Rebecca Maskos, Sookee