Friday, 1.9.2023
20:20 – 21:20, Haus für Poesie

»Money, Money, Money – gerechte Bezahlung?« (De)

C’est Karma, Christin Nichols, Robert Kretzschmar, Moderation: Ariana Zustra

Money is not something you talk about. At least not willingly. It’s a sensitive topic, and even more so among artists. After all, you started making art for fun, right? Isn’t it OK to perform for free? At least when you’re starting out? As an opportunity? For your career? For a good cause? In this talk, three musicians talk about their experiences with fees and payment, discussing questions such as: What is fair payment and how do you get it? What demands can you make? What is the value of one’s own art? And how do you measure it? Whom can you compare yourself with? These issues are burning on the mind of the Luxembourgish musician C’est Karma, precisely because she is at the beginning of her career. Christin Nichols knows both the acting and the music business, having released her solo debut »I’m Fine« last year after records with her punk band Prada Meinhoff. So far, Robert Kretzschmar has mainly been on the road as a musician with other acts, for whom he played drums in the studio and on stage. At Pop-Kultur, he will present his first solo album. Host Ariana Zustra is not only a journalist but also a lecturer and musician, and thus has her own insight into various aspects of artist remuneration.

C’est Karma, Christin Nichols, Robert Kretzschmar, Ariana Zustra

C’est Karma, Christin Nichols, Robert Kretzschmar

Ariana Zustra

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Haus für Poesie, Berlin

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