Wednesday, 30.8.2023
20:00 – 21:00, Haus für Poesie

»Leuchtturmprojekte für ein gerechteres Miteinander in der Musikbranche« (De)

Felix Brückner, Fine Stammnitz, Franziska Lauter, Moderation: Anika Jankowski

Many talks and panel discussions dealing with diversity and equality in the music business tell of the ills of our industry. Instead of discouraging you, we are teaming up with Music Women* Germany to draw attention to lighthouse projects and stand up for a fairer industry. This panel will present players, initiatives and allies who are already setting a positive example with their concepts and campaigns: Self-employed artist manager Fine Stammnitz is deeply involved in the issues of the music business and environmentalism, two passions she combines in her work as a member of the Green Touring Network. Musician, psychologist and coach Franziska Lauter advises artists and people who are in the public eye with their creative work. She is also a founding member of the MiM-Verband (Mental Health in Music). Felix Brückner is the singer of the band Fheels, performing at Pop-Kultur, he uses a wheelchair and is involved in the initiative Barrierefrei Feiern (Party Accessibly).

Together with presenter Anika Jankowski, board member of the Music Women* Germany association, the three guests will talk about how their projects became possible and discuss the best solutions for the future.

Anika Jankowski, Fine Stammnitz, Franziska Lauter, Felix Brückner

Felix Brückner, Fine Stammnitz, Franziska Lauter

Anika Jankowski

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Haus für Poesie, Berlin

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