Inna Shparber, Mark Petersen (Foto: Royse Garcia)
Thursday, 31.8.2023
22:00 – 22:40, Maschinenhaus
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Inna Shparber & Mark Petersen: »four elements – natural and human powers«

Inna Shparber and Mark Petersen met in the deaf community, but it was their love of music performance that turned them into an incredible duo. At Pop-Kultur, the two deaf performers will share their piece »four elements – natural and human powers« with an audience for the first time.

In working together, they dedicate themselves to real worlds that many people are still unaware of today. Do you want to get an insight into these worlds? Then join them on this fantastic and exciting expedition through space and time. Full of energy, Inna and Mark slip into different roles with life as their main theme. Along the way, they fathom the foundation of human existence: the four elements.

Whether alone or with others, every human being is and remains unique, and yet, because of this, everyone is somehow the same. But what makes us different? In their sign language performance, Shparber and Petersen set off in search of the meaning of earth, water, air and fire. A live performance full of music, poetry, visual vernacular and dance is created on stage, the likes of which we have not yet experienced at Pop-Kultur.

Inna Shparber, Mark Petersen (Foto: Royse Garcia)