Andreas Dorau & Gereon Klug (Foto: Carsten Friedrichs)
Friday, 1.9.2023
21:40 – 22:40, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 5)
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»Die Frau mit dem Arm« (De)

Andreas Dorau & Gereon Klug

Andreas Dorau and Sven Regener have done it again: written a book, a sequel to the indie bestseller »Ärger mit der Unsterblichkeit« (»The Trouble with Immortality«). Just as funny, just as instructive, just as brilliant: »Die Frau mit dem Arm« (»The Woman with the Arm«). A quasi-adventure novel about Andreas Dorau’s journeys through the world of pop from the noughties to the present day, peppered with fresh ideas on the conveyor belt about art, the cultural industry and the abysses and cliffs of so-called life, which as an artist are best navigated with bursts of wit and stubbornness. And the Pop-Kultur festival plays a role, too… Since Andreas Dorau doesn’t like to read aloud himself, he has enlisted support for the reading show he’s created: Hamburg’s jack of all trades Gereon Klug, who now serves as the reader. That way, Dorau can comment on his own life much better!

Andreas Dorau & Gereon Klug (Foto: Carsten Friedrichs)