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Thursday, 31.8.2023
21:20 – 22:00, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 5)
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»Culture In A Warzone« (En)

Dmytro Kyrpa, Maria Tuchka, Serhiy Yatsenko, host: Simon Bonney

What does it mean to organise and implement art, culture and music events in a war zone? How does it feel to be under constant threat? Serhiy Yatsenko is a festival organiser in Kyiv, where he also organised the festival Black Factory last September – with about 600 people who gathered in an old factory in time for curfew. Since the electricity only came from the aggregator, it constantly failed, which gave the »Black Out Edition« its name. Dmytro Kyrpa co-founded the organisation »Repair Together,« which combines clean-up work in war-torn villages with electronic music: Volunteers travel to Ukrainian villages destroyed by the Russian army, set up turntables, organise clean-up raves and even rebuild entire houses. Kyiv activist and musician Maria Tuchka, who combines dark electro and EBM under her artist pseudonym Tucha and is also performing live at Pop-Kultur, will give us an artist’s perspective on how the war affects music-making. The discussion will be hosted by Simon Bonney, singer of the Australian cult band Crime & the City Solution, who also works as a journalist and is currently involved in several cultural projects in Ukraine.

© Sandra Bernhardt / hansepilz.de