Saskia Wichert, Duygu Ağal, Saskia Wichert, Felicia Mutterer
Wednesday, 30.8.2023
20:40 – 21:40, Kino in der Kulturbrauerei (Saal 5)
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»Can I Kick the Pay Gap?« (De)

Duygu Ağal, Ronny Blaschke, Saskia Wichert, Moderation: Felicia Mutterer

In Germany, women are still paid about 18 percent less than men. In football, this gender pay gap is even more pronounced – even if the players are no longer fobbed off with the infamous coffee set as they were in the eighties. But whereas in Switzerland, for example, the women’s national team is slated to be paid the same as the men’s, the Deutscher Fußball-Bund is still lagging behind – so much so that even Chancellor Olaf Scholz publicly criticised the unequal pay during last year’s European Championship. Most recently, this summer, the lesser esteem in which women’s football is held once again became apparent in the haggling over the TV rights to the World Cup. In this talk, sports journalist and podcaster Felicia Mutterer asks her guests »Can I Kick the Pay Gap?« On the panel are Saskia Wichert, Managing Director of Management & Communications at Türkiyemspor, the largest athletic club founded by migrants in Europe, Duygu Ağal, author of »Yeni Yeşerenler«, and sports journalist Ronny Blaschke, who has published various books on the entanglements of sport and politics. Together they will discuss topics such as funding structures, sponsorship and the visibility of women’s football in Germany and Europe.

Saskia Wichert, Duygu Ağal, Saskia Wichert, Felicia Mutterer