Souci, Augustus Williams
Friday, 1.9.2023
21:00 – 21:40, Frannz Garten
Free entry!

Augustus Williams & Souci

Detroit-Berlin Residency

Augustus Williams aka Gusto represents a sound that’s pure Detroit, infused with funky house music that draws from the memories of his childhood. At an early age, Gusto discovered his love for the Motown sound, but it was hip-hop that had the deepest impact on him, with its unadulterated style and funk influences. Meanwhile, Gusto has become one of the most sought-after artists on the scene, igniting dancefloors with drum machines and sequencers, with intense bass and funky hooks that reflect the legendary Detroit sound.

Souci adamantly refuses to ignore the political aspect of dance culture. In her work as a label owner, she maintains a focus on representing femme artists. As a DJ, she is inspired by the older sounds of hardcore as well as the innovative footwork, breakbeat and jungle styles. Right after starting her DJ career in 2019, the Berlin immigrant performed at the CTM Festival, Drugstore Belgrade and Institut fuer Zukunft in Leipzig – her rapid rise matches the intense pace of her music.

These two artists have teamed up to create an exclusive show for Pop-Kultur 2023 as part of the Musicboard’s Detroit-Berlin Co-Creation Residency.

Souci, Augustus Williams