Aili (Foto: Illias Teirlinck)
Wednesday, 24.8.2022
22:40 – 23:20, Alte Kantine
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Aili’s music sounds easy – it’s only hard to categorise, as it’s different from anything else that came before. Effortlessly combining Japanese lyrics with elements of krautrock, acid house, electronica, disco and leftfield pop, Belgian-Japanese artist Aili Maruyama and multi-instrumentalist Orson »Transistorcake« Wouters have created a sophisticated blend, bringing a whole new sound to the Belgian musical landscape. Singer Aili Maruyama is always looking for ways to incorporate her roots into the project, building a bridge between Western and Eastern culture. At Pop-Kultur, she will show how exuberant and joyful she is live, always sending the message that anything is possible.

Aili (Foto: Illias Teirlinck)