Christina Mohr, Anton Teichmann, Marc Hollander, Olga Karatzioti-B.
Thursday, 31.8.2023
20:40 – 21:30, Haus für Poesie
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»A Record Label (What Is It Good For?) II« (En)

Anton Teichmann, Marc Hollander, Olga Karatzioti-B., Moderation: Christina Mohr

What significance do record companies still have these days? Do they still play a role when it comes to building an artistic identity? Do artists still need and want an album in order to present their content, or is it enough to have a few songs on Spotify that you don’t even know whether they were released by a label or by which one? In »A Record Label (What is it good for?) II« representatives from different record labels will exchange thoughts and ideas. Marc Hollander has been running the Belgian experimental and indie label Crammed Discs for over 40 years, releasing musicians including Bebel Gilberto, Konono Nº1, and Tuxedomoon. Unfortunately, he cannot perform with his band Aksak Maboul at Pop-Kultur this year either, due to health problems in the band caused by Long-Covid. He will be joining the conversation from Brussels. Anton Teichmann, who used to work for the labels Morr Music and Sinnbus, founded Mansion & Millions in 2015, which focuses on the underground pop scene in Berlin-Neukölln. Greek-born musician, manager and booker Olga Karatzioti-B. has been releasing noise, rock ‘n’ roll and »musicians with soul« on her Berlin label Anomic Records since 2020. This talk, which is a continuation of last year’s talk »A Record Label (What Is It Good For?)«, will be hosted by music journalist Christina Mohr.

Christina Mohr, Anton Teichmann, Marc Hollander, Olga Karatzioti-B.