Marc Hollander, Mary Ocher, Sydney Christensen, Ariana Zustra
Thursday, 25.8.2022
19:00 – 19:40, Haus für Poesie
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»A Record Label (What is it good for?)« (En)

Ariana Zustra (Moderation), Marc Hollander, Mary Ocher, Sydney Christensen

What is the significance of a record company nowadays? For example, do labels still play a role in the foundation of an artistic identity? Do artists still need to present their content in an album format, or are a few songs on Spotify enough? In this talk, representatives of different record labels will exchange viewpoints on the topic. Marc Hollander has been running the Belgian experimental and indie label Crammed Discs for over 40 years, having released music by a very broad spectrum of acts, including Bebel Gilberto, Konono Nº1 and Tuxedomoon. With his own band Aksak Maboul, he knows the business from an artist’s point of view as well. Musician Mary Ocher’s Underground Institute offers a platform for experimental music with a vast majority of female artists. Working for the US label Kill Rock Stars (Bikini Kill, Elliot Smith, Gossip, et al.) Sydney Christensen knows what the scene in North America is like. The talk will be hosted by Ariana Zustra, who has had her own experiences with labels both as a music journalist and as a musician.

Marc Hollander, Mary Ocher, Sydney Christensen, Ariana Zustra