21 Downbeat

Tradition is good; progress is better. But best is a balance between the two. 21 Downbeat have been the house band of the RambaZamba Theatre since 2017 and have been guests at Pop-Kultur twice since then. Most recently, the collaboration between the festival and the post-inclusive project was gained momentum with the Commissioned Work »Der Ring:« a pop-opera based on Richard Wagner bringing a glorious climax – which, however, will only be temporary. This year, the musicians and actors are once again guests at Pop-Kultur, this time under very special circumstances. There’s no doubt that Heiko Fechner (keys), Hieu Pham (vocals and theremin), Moritz Höhne (drums and glockenspiel), Pascal Kunze (beatbox and vocals) and Sebastian Urbanski (ribbon controller, keyboard and synthesizer) will continue to bring the heat. Which, being the third time around, certainly doesn’t break from tradition.