Vivien Goldman

17.08.2018 / 23.00 - 00.00 / /
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Vivien Goldman gibt am Freitag im Panda Theater ein Konzert.

Photo: Artist

Since 1979, coolness has been measured on the Vivien Goldman scale, and unfortunately, no one but her has made it above a 5.0. The journalist, afro-beat/dub/reggae expert, and post-punk visionary was a member of The Flying Lizards and Chantage, but it was as a solo artist that she really broke all the rules. In 2016, the label Staubgold honored her with the release of »Resolutionary (Songs 1979-1982)«, a comprehensive but by no means exhaustive retrospective compilation that revisited unlikely dub-punk hits like »Launderette« with Robert Wyatt on drums. This year, in 2018, Goldman will take the stage again for the first time in a while to show the rest of the world how to make respectable punk with lush riddims. So resolute and revolutionary you’d think the neoliberal 1990s never happened to us.

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