SKM 60: Masha Qrella

24.08.17 / 22:00 - 23:00 / /
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With Masha Qrella, the bank of the Spree might as well be the American west coast: she makes pop of the finest, cleverest, and most intimate variety, and if you were blindfolded you might guess it comes from the other side of the world. But after all, there’s no blindfold – or earplugs! This Berliner writes big little hits for dancing in the living room, for long car rides on empty highways, and for the feeling that somewhere far away you’ve left a suitcase behind.

The reviews of her fifth album »Keys« shared a unanimous tenor: this is music by one of the country's greatest songwriters. At »Pop-Kultur«, under the motto »Lucky Keys«, Masha Qrella plays pieces from this latest album and from her very first solo album, »Luck«, which came out 15 years ago on Monika Enterprise.

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About »SKM 60«

Even if your own memory might initially recall it otherwise, 1997 was a good year for pop music. After all, three labels were founded that still help to define the sound of contemporary pop: Shitkatapult, Karaoke Kalk, and Monika Enterprise. They released and still release albums by T.Raumschmiere and Apparat, Bill Wells and Hauschka, Barbara Morgenstern and Gudrun Gut. Put briefly, they specialise in visionary sounds, clever lyrics (when there are lyrics at all), and yes indeed – hits. All three labels survived the radical industry changes of the early 00s and remain relevant in both pop and electronic music. At »Pop-Kultur«, these Berlin indies celebrate twenty years of label work in a programme focus entitled »SKM60«. The focus consists of concerts, DJ sets, and talks.

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