»Moses Schneider: Schulterblick«

16.08.2018 / 23:00 - 00:00 / /
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Moses Schneider spricht am Donnerstag im Panda Theater über seine Arbeit.

Photo: J. Friese (by C. Werner), M. Schneider

What do music producers actually do in their free time? Maybe lots of sports, because in the studio there’s a lot of sitting around, and sitting is widely known to be the new smoking. Or maybe not—at least not for Moses Schneider. Schneider, a producer for Tocotronic, Olli Schulz, and the Beatsteaks, among others, sits down after work and produces even more for free. Why? So far only he knows, but in the event »Moses Schneider: Schulterblick«, he’ll share his answer with us and with moderator Julia Friese. And because enthusiasm is so hard to put into words, he will also play us the music of bands who have persuaded him with their talent and commitment to give them a pro-bono session. And what they get from this session is famously legendary: the fridge is full, the click track is off, the mood is high. It is healthy? The jury’s out. But the results are always bang on, as will we will hear this evening.

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