»Collective Cultural production – 15 Years of ausland«

25.08.17 / 23:00 - 23:40 / /
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Talk with Gretchen Sigrid Blegen, Tobias Herold Host: Ulrike Rechel

As ausland themselves put it, »we don’t bridge the gap between underground and mainstream, DIY subculture and art space – we are that gap«. Since 2002, a multinational collective has operated the independent venue in Prenzlauer Berg, but its origins go back even further, to the squatting scene of the post-reunification period. Today, the house offers a platform for concerts, film screenings, readings, performances. Artists will also find opportunities for rehearsals, workshops, recordings, and a residency programme.

How contemporary is collective-oriented work today? What kind of experiences do members share? Which hurdles have been overcome? Which new challenges present themselves? The journalist Ulrike Rechel (tip berlin, Frankfurter Rundschau, Theater der Zeit) speaks about these topics together with Gretchen Sigrid Blegen and Tobias Herold of the ausland collective.

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